Adult Only Stag & Hens

Strictly adults only! From saucy rodeos to condom wielding sumos, we’ve got you covered!

Rodeo Penis

Bet you’ve not seen one this big before! Explicitly for adult use, this Rodeo is run by a member of our team. You have a choice of: 15x15ft Diameter inflatable bed 18x18ft Diameter inflatable bed Priced per two hours.

Surfs up!


Our  inflatable surround for the surf simulator! The waves might be smaller but it is just as tough!  

Garden Stocks


Lock up the naughty ones! These stocks are great for western themed parties or charity events!

Bouncy Boxing Ring


Real energy needed for this, with the giant gloves you will soon get tired!!!

Human Table Football


Why not have your own game before watching the pros?! A larger version of the popular table football game, 6 aside. For extra fun why not add sumo suits?! This equipment comes with a member of staff £POA



This is a great way to get everyone’s hearts pumping! Various games available, give us a call to discuss options. £POA

Ride of your life!Woman


A great laugh and theme for your adult party, just hang on and ride! Ideal for stag parties! Priced per 2 hours, with a member of staff.

Chubby Chicks


Great for stag or hen nights! Comes with a condom shield and unusual bashing pillow!!

Ride of Your life! Man


What can i say, this is a real laugh for any adult night! Hold onto your hat!   Price per 2 hours, member of staff included.

Knock your block off


With your giant hands you must try to keep your balance and knock your opponents head off.! Adult use only.,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&t=m&z=16