Obstacle Courses

For adults and children alike of vast range of obstacle courses are perfect for any event! We have a range of styles and sizes to suit budgets and spaces.

Rumble in the Jungle with Jungle Base Jump


Instead of a slide at the end of this obstacle course, why not try the Jungle Base Jump!! Climb up the steps to the 12ft tall platform, then take a leap of faith onto the airbag 8ft below!! For the more daring of you out there, and suitable for children aged over 8 years old.

Mickie’s Fun Run

funtime 2

Add the WOW factor to your party with our new obstacle course suitable for all the family! Enter through the dogs mouth, past the doggie bones, battle your way through the biff n bash pillars in the club house and finally down the rollercoaster slide!

Seaworld Adventure


Sea themed obstacle course go through the sharks mouths, fight your way through the sharks tummy, under the mighty Posiedon’s legs, through then sealife, then up the slide!!!!! Suitable for adults and children aged 6 or over! Platform height of slide is 11.5ft.

Rumble in the Jungle (Orange)

giant jungle run

Battle through the jungle animals, climb through the bars and escape down the 9ft slide!! Hours of fun for all age groups! 18ft height clearance needed for indoor use.



This is a great way to get everyone’s hearts pumping! Various games available, give us a call to discuss options. £POA

Rumble in the Jungle


Enter the Jungle at your own risk! You will meet snakes, monkeys, gorillas and bears.You will need to climb the 9ft platform slide to escape. Suitable for all ages. At least 19ft height is required for indoor use.

Cowboy Obstacle Course


Jump through the wagon, past the natives and onto jail. Once you have escaped you can finally slide down the 9ft drop. Suitable for all ages. At least 19ft ceiling height is required for indoor use.  

Monkey Run


Great fun for those little monkeys! Start by running past the animals through the obstacles and then out onto the jungle slide! Suitable for all up to 1.4m.  

Giant Obstacle course


At 98ft long this is one of the longest obstacle courses around! A sure thing to wear everyone out! ( Can be broken down into smaller sections depending on available space)

Monkey Run (extended)


  The extended Monkey Run is great fun for all up to 1.4m tall. Battle through the obstacle course and down the slide away from the cheeky monkeys!