For children and adults alike, our Rodeos add an extra layer of entertainment to your party! A member of our team will run the Rodeo for you, so you can enjoy!

Rodeo Reindeer


Great Fun for all ages, and a super game for Christmas party! Operated by a member of our team.   Priced per 2hours

Rodeo and Sumo Set


We have various themes of suit and rodeo, for children and adults!   £300 – £400 per 2hours (price dependent on rodeo hired)

Surfs up! (barrel bed)


Our  inflatable surround for the surf simulator! The waves might be smaller but it is just as tough!    

Cactus Lasso

cactus lassoo

Try and throw your lasso around the cactus’ and get as many points as possible. A great add on to a rodeo bull for an even better western theme night!



  Whether you play with your friends or family you are guaranteed to have a great time. Jump the unpredictable pole and stay on as long as you can.      

Football Rodeo


Ride the football, beat your opponents and try and score! Great for all over 8years of age!   POA

Rodeo Christmas Pudding


  Perfect for Christmas parties and definitely gives you that WOW factor! Suitable for 8years and over

Surf Simulator (Wave Bed)


Surf the waves with the wind blowing through your hair! Suitable for all ages Priced per 2 hours, includes a member of staff!

Sean the Sheep


Why not try something different, see if you can stay on Sean the sheep!! Priced per 2 hours, member of staff included.  

Rodeo shelter


This inflatable cover is great for those great British summers, suitable for all our rodeos.   20ft or 21ft diameter