From bucking the bronco to surfing the waves, we have it all!

Human Roulette

Human Roulette need to change background

Our Human Roulette Rodeo is a super spinning hair raiser! Best hold on tight as we spin and buck the roulette disk! Minimum running time 2hours, £50 for each additional hour there after. Roulette will be operated by a member of our team at all times.  

Sumo and Rodeo Package


Hire either one of our Bulls, Sheep, Pig or Rodeo Football* together with a set of Sumo Suits!   Minimum hire 2 hours, £50 for each additional hour. The rodeos are operated by our staff at all times.   *Rodeo Football not suitable for children under 8 years. Full Rodeo List Here Full Sumo List Here  

Rodeo Reindeer


Great Fun for all ages, and a super game for Christmas party! Operated by a member of our team.   Minimum running time 2hours, £50 per additional hour

Rodeo Penis


Bet you’ve not seen one this big before! Explicitly for adult use, this Rodeo is run by a member of our team. You have a choice of: 15x15ft Diameter inflatable bed 18x18ft Diameter inflatable bed Minimum running time 2hours, £50 per additional hour

Surfs up! (barrel bed)


Our  inflatable surround for the surf simulator! The waves might be smaller but it is just as tough!    



  This game is lots of fun! Based on our rodeo format, you need to jump over the very unpredictable pole! Suitable for ages 8 and up, this piece of kit is operated by a member of our team at all times, so you can have a go too!   Minimum running time 2hours £50 per additional hour  

Football Rodeo


Ride the football, beat your opponents and try and score! Great for all over 8years of age!   POA

Rodeo Christmas Pudding


  Perfect for Christmas parties and definitely gives you that WOW factor! Suitable for 8years and over

Surf Simulator (Wave Bed)


Surf the waves with the wind blowing through your hair! Suitable for all ages Minimum run time 2 hours, £50 per each additional hour. A member of our team operates the surf at all times for you.

Ride of your life! Woman


A great laugh and theme for your adult party, just hang on and ride! Ideal for stag parties! Priced per 2 hours, with a member of staff.