Bronco and Rodeo

From the traditional Bull to the seasonal reindeer….

Rodeo Reindeer


Great Fun for all ages, and a super game for Christmas party! Operated by a member of our team.   Minimum running time 2hours, £50 per additional hour

Sean the Sheep


Why not try something different, see if you can stay on Sean the sheep!! Priced per 2 hours, member of staff included.       Available for children too Down on the Farm

Rodeo shelter


This inflatable cover is great for those great British summers, suitable for all our rodeos.   20ft or 21ft diameter 

Rodeo Bull


Great fun for everyone!   Our Rodeos have both auto and manual functions. Our staff will operate the rodeo at all times.    

Down on the Farm


A Rodeo for children! Our Down on the Farm inflatable bed can be fitted with Sea the Sheep or Ermentrude the cow! The rodeo is operated by a member of our team at all times, most suitable for ages 5years and up *   Minimum running time 2hrs, £50 per additional hour.   * Whist suitable for young children, the operators will exercise caution.

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