Great fun for all ages! Get into teams, winner stays on, or add in our IPS system! This game is super versatile!

Blue Bungee Run


This neutral bungee run is fab for fetes, parties and family fun. Suitable for all ages and can even be tailored for adult vs children’s games!    

Bungee Dash


Beat your opponent to the lights and get back to base! Great fun for those aged 8years and over!    

Bungee Bowling


See how many pins you can knock down before the bungee pulls you back!   Suitable for adults and older children

Jungle Bungee Run


The Jungle Bungee run is ideal fun for all age groups to play together. Just strap yourself in and away you go. Use the Velcro pads to score and see who can run the furthest.     Why not upgrade with our IPS system?!¬†Bungee Dash

Bungee Run inc cover


Great fun for all the family, run as far as you can!   Suitable for both children and adults Comes with a removable sun/shower cover