Pick your squad! All games in this section are great for groups and one-v-one ! From battle zone to human table football, we have it all!

Human Table Football


Why not have your own game before watching the pros?! A larger version of the popular table football game, 6 aside. For extra fun why not add sumo suits?! This equipment comes with a member of staff £POA



Prepare for battle! Game of balance and skill, can knock your opponent off their podium with the wrecking ball or alternatively joust!!

Wacky Racers


Red team races blue team to to assemble the wacky racing cars and complete the circuit in the quickest time! Not easy with a clown driving and a detachable steering wheel! £POA

Bungee Bowling


See how many pins you can knock down before the bungee pulls you back!   Suitable for adults and older children

Jungle Bungee Run


The Jungle Bungee run is ideal fun for all age groups to play together. Just strap yourself in and away you go. Use the Velcro pads to score and see who can run the furthest.     Why not upgrade with our IPS system?! Bungee Dash

Human Ten Pin Bowling


A great spectator game if you’re prone to a little motion sickness! Get strapped into the cage ball and be ready to roll! £POA, includes a member of staff. (Picture used with thanks – SAAKE combustion services & Keith Tester)

Bungee Run inc cover


Great fun for all the family, run as far as you can!   Suitable for both children and adults Comes with a removable sun/shower cover  

Creek Crossing


A game of strategy and skill. Can your team reach the opposite side of the creek using only a few planks and stepping stones? Suitable from ages 10 and over, there a varying levels of difficulty available.