Obstacle Courses

For adults and children alike of vast range of obstacle courses are perfect for any event! We have a range of styles and sizes to suit budgets and spaces.

Monkey Run


Great fun for those little monkeys! Start by running past the animals through the obstacles and then out onto the jungle slide! Suitable for all up to 1.4m.    

Giant Obstacle course


At 98ft long this is one of the longest obstacle courses around! A sure thing to wear everyone out! ( Can be broken down into smaller sections depending on available space)

Monkey Run (extended)


The extended Monkey Run is great fun for all up to 1.4m tall. Battle through the obstacle course and down the slide away from the cheeky monkeys!  

Jungle Run


Crawl through the opening, through the biff n bash, up the slide to safety! Perfect for tiring out those who are 1.4m and under in height.    

Jungle Run (extended)


The extended Jungle Run consists of 3 sections for those with a little more energy! Climb through the gap, through the biff n bash pillar, under the scramble net and up the slide to safety! Suitable for children & adults.