Whether it’s a birthday party, family fun day or christening, we have something to suit all ages and tastes. Our children’s castles include up to date graphics in a range of styles. Check our Combi section to find out if your castle is slide compatible!

Christmas Dome


Book early to avoid disappointment! Brand new for 2018, great as a bouncer or why not add our Santa Sumos for a fun photo opportunity!

Netted Jungle


Great for children, this fun filled obstacle course is currently under construction! Will be available as a 2 piece or three piece course.   It is 14ft tall, with biff n bash pillars, inflatable rocks and a super slidey slide!    

The Rivals


Select your Team, Choose the Play.   Game On!        

Magic Kingdom with IPS package


We have mashed together 2 of our most popular hires. Our Interactive Play System and our Magic Kingdom! Race around the kingdom finding the lights, in teams or on your own, this is sure to exhaust all your guests! (A selections of games and sounds are available)   Suitable for both adults and children   Priced for indoor hires only, Watch our lads test

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TV Favourites Aframe Combi


Not only will they have the bounce area, but one or 2 slides can be attached to this bouncer! Suitable for 10years and under.   One Slide: 19.5ft x 15ft x 11.5ft – £80 Two Slides: 26.5ft x 15ft x 11.5ft – £95

TV Favourites A Frame


Featuring lots of big named childrens tv stars! All together now: Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick, Sticky Sticky Stick Stick! Complete with a fitted roof, this castle is suitable for children aged 10 and under.

TV Favourites Eco Combi Bouncer


Do the robot or practise some yogo with all the tv stars. Complete with one or two slides, this bouncer will keep all young children happy.   One slide: 19.5ft x 15ft x 8ft – £80 Two slides: 26.5ft x 15ft x 8ft – £95

TV favourites Eco bouncer


Tumble and twirly woo about on this amazing bouncer! Featuring all your favourite characters Suitable for children under 10 year



Look out for our Brand new Complete Santa packages!   Great Christmas parties for Schools, Family and Friends!  

Soft Play Set and Ball Pond


Why not combine one of our soft play sets with a ball pond?! Great addition to parties with little ones in attendance! All our ball ponds have the air floats, brilliant for balancing balls and balloons.