Big Stuff

Our larger than life category! From huge castles to our human table football, you’ll find it all here!

Dunk Tank


Hit the target to dunk the (willing) participant! Great fun for Schools, church fetes and family parties! This equipment is staffed by a member of our team at all times, takes an average set up time of 2hrs.   Priced per 2hours run time    

Alley Attack!


New for the winter season! Nerf guns at the ready! Aim! ¬† Fire! Guns or bow and arrow sets available  

Rumble in the Jungle with Jungle Base Jump


Instead of a slide at the end of this obstacle course, why not try the Jungle Base Jump!! Climb up the steps to the 12ft tall platform, then take a leap of faith onto the airbag 8ft below!! For the more daring of you out there, and suitable for children aged over 8 years old.

Jungle Base Jump


Are you daring enough to take a leap of faith?! Climb up the stairs to a 12ft tall platform, then leap onto the airbag 8ft below!! Awesome fun, suitable for children over 8 years old, can also come instead of a slide on our jungle themed obstacle courses!!

Mickie’s Fun Run

funtime 2

Add the WOW factor to your party with our new obstacle course suitable for all the family! Enter through the dogs mouth, past the doggie bones, battle your way through the biff n bash pillars in the club house and finally down the rollercoaster slide!

Seaworld Adventure


Sea themed obstacle course go through the sharks mouths, fight your way through the sharks tummy, under the mighty Posiedon’s legs, through then sealife, then up the slide!!!!! Suitable for adults and children aged 6 or over! Platform height of slide is 11.5ft.

Giant Dream Slide

disney slide

  Our fantastic Giant slide! With a 12ft platform, its certainly an eye catcher! Suitable for all ages.

Magic Kingdom | Bouncy Castle


Bounce, slide and bash around in this giant activity bed! Action packed for all ages!

Mini Prix | Childrens mini grandprix

Mini Prix_i1

Drive our didi cars around the mini prix track! Around the sharp corners.. avoiding the chicanes.. under the low bridge and through the car wash before seeing who the winner is! Includes 6 cars

Under the Sea Activity Bed


  This brightly coloured activity centre is suitable for all ages. Inside you`ll find a giant inflatable ball and countless fishy fun.