Garden Games

Supersized classic garden games! Great for all, with many not requiring electricity, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Twister Game


Our very own giant Twister! Neutral colours, complete with giant dice and instructions! Fantastic as an add on, great for children and adults.

Animal Hoppers

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Great little add on for the tots! Animal Hoppers are brightly coloured and encourage imaginative play. Perfect for toddlers parties or as part of a collection keep them amused at gatherings! Set of 4 Hoppers delivered, colours and styles may vary.



Great add on to any party, lots of fun to be had with this roll out skittle game!  



Great little add on to a party, encouraging play!

Mini Nerf!


A slightly smaller version of our Alley Attack, this can be a great addition to a party! Shoot the floating targets off the air jugglers! Guns  and bullets available to hire. Safety goggles included. Great as an add on to a party! Can be used as a shooting range or try and move the balls across the air jugglers, requires skill!  



Fast and Furious! Beat your opponent to the lights! Suitable for all ages and a great addition to any party! Available as a single hire, or call for a package quote with any other castle or garden game! £POA

Kiddies High Striker

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Test your strength with our High Striker games! perfect for your garden party or fete!

Backyard sports day


  Host your own sports day with your family and friends. Includes egg&spoon racing, sack racing & bean bag races.

Giant Ludo


A great classical game just alot bigger!!

Snakes & Ladders


A large version of the classic game snakes and ladders.,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&t=m&z=16