Kids Bouncy Castles

For the youngsters we have our huge range of castles! From Trolls to football we are guaranteed to complete any occasion.

Magic Kingdom with IPS package


We have mashed together 2 of our most popular hires. Our Interactive Play System and our Magic Kingdom! Race around the kingdom finding the lights, in teams or on your own, this is sure to exhaust all your guests! (A selections of games and sounds are available)   Suitable for both adults and children   Priced for indoor hires only, Watch our lads test

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TV Favourites A Frame


Featuring lots of big named childrens tv stars! All together now: Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick, Sticky Sticky Stick Stick! Complete with a fitted roof, this castle is suitable for children aged 10 and under.

TV Favourites Eco Combi Bouncer


Do the robot or practise some yogo with all the tv stars. Complete with one or two slides, this bouncer will keep all young children happy.   One slide: 19.5ft x 15ft x 8ft – £80 Two slides: 26.5ft x 15ft x 8ft – £95

TV favourites Eco bouncer


Tumble and twirly woo about on this amazing bouncer! Featuring all your favourite characters Suitable for children under 10 year

Cars Eco Bouncer

cars eco np slides

Vroom Vroom! Be in poll position with this super cars themed bouncer! Suitable for children under 10 years, does not have a roof.

DR Who Eco


All your favourite baddies and the Tardis on this fab bouncer! Suitable for children aged 10years and under, perfect for halls, no roof attached.

Dr Who Aframe


For all those super Dr Who fans! With a fitted roof this bouncer is great for outdoor parties, suitable for children aged 10 and under.

Planes Aframe

planes on blue and yellow

Jump n Bounce as high as you can with our new Plane design bouncer! Complete with fitted shower / sun cover. Suitable for children aged 10 and under.

Planes Eco

planes eco np slides

Soar and fly with this fab Planes bouncer! Great generic theme for any children’s party! Suitable for children aged 10 and under

Pirates A Frame

pirates a frame no slides

Set sail with our Swashbuckling pirate bouncer! Includes a shower / sun cover and suitable for children aged 10 and under.