At Jumping Jacks we cater for the youngest of children and have a large selection of toddlers play equipment, soft play garden toys, ball pits and mini bouncy castles. Make your toddlers day a special one to remember with Jumping Jacks

Moana Aframe Combi


Add one or two slides to our Moana bouncer to keep the children entertained! Suitable for 10years and under.   One Slide: 19x15x11.5ft – £80 Two Slides: 27.5x15x11.5ft – £95

Moana Aframe


Join Moana on her adventures with this lovely Castle. Complete with fitted roof for sun / shower protection. Suitable for children aged 10years and under.  

Rabbit Aframe Combi

peter rabbit a frame

Add one or two slides to our cute bunny bouncer to really tire the children out! Suitable for the under 10s.   One Slide: 19.5x15x11.5ft – £80 Two Slides: 26.5x15x11.5ft – £95

Rabbit AFrame

peter rabbit a frame no slides

This brand new designed bouncer is available with a rain / sun cover, so the British weather will not spoil the childrens fun! Suitable for the under 10s  

Rabbit eco Combi

peter rabbit eco

Our fluffy bunnies bouncer can have the addition of one or two slides! Great fun for under 10s! One Slide: 19.5x15x8ft – £80 Two Slides: 26.5x15x8ft – £95

Rabbit eco

peter rabbit eco no slides

We’re hoppingly excited about this new bouncer! Our eco bouncer is perfect for the under 10s, just in time for Easter!

PJ Heroes Eco


Perfect for halls and sunny summer days, our PJ Heroes bouncer is great for under 10s.  

PJ Heroes Eco Combi

PJmasks eco1slide

With one or two slides these night time heroes will add great fun and laughter to your party! Suitable for children under 10years. One Slide: 19.5x15x8ft – £80 Two Slides: 26.5x15x8ft – £95

Birthday Bears Eco Combi


      Lovely neutral themed castle, suitable for children 10 and under. One Slide: 19x15x8ft – £80 Two Slides: 27x15x8ft – £95

Birthday Bears Eco


Cute little Birthday Bears on this children’s castle, suitable for children 10 and under. Perfect for most halls, as the castle is 8ft tall!,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&t=m&z=16