Wet weather!

The typical British summer can put a dampener on your day… Not any more!

Nemo A Frame


Great under sea fun with our Nemo inspired bouncer! Suitable for the under 10s, has a rain cover!

Bob the Builder A Frame Combi

bob a combi

With one or two slides and a fitted roof, this castle with a classic Bob the Builder design is great for children under 10!   One Slide: 19.5x15x11.5ft – £80 Two Slides: 26.5x15x11.5ft – £95

Frozen AFrame Combi

Frozen a frame 1 slides

Do you wanna have more fun? Do you wanna have some slides? Great castle for the under 10s, with one or two slides attached.   One slide: 19.5x15x11.5ft – £80 Two Slides: 26.5x15x11.5ft – £95

Beauty and the Beast A Frame


Beauty and the Beast characters, brand new for this season! This castle is suitable for children 10 years and under. Comes with a detachable rain cover too!

Storks A Frame Combi

Storks a frame 1 slides

Along with all the best characters, this castle can have one or two slides! Suitable for the under 10s, add more bouncy fun to your party! One slide – 19.5x15x11.5ft – £80 Two slides – 26.5x15x11.5 – £95

Storks A Frame

Storks a frame no slides

All your favourite characters on this lovely castle. Available with sun / shower cover Suitable for children 10 years and under  

Fairies A Frame Combi

Fairies Combi A Frame_main

Add one or two slides to this fantastic fairy castle. Complete with sun / shower cover! Suitable for the under 10s One Slide – 19.5x15x11.5ft – £80 Two Slides – 26.5x15x11.5ft – £95

Balloons A Frame Combi

ballons a frame 1 slides

A great generic party castle for children is available with one or two slides, lots of fun for the birthday child and their friends! One Slide – 19.5x15x11.5ft  £80 Two Slides – 26.5x15x11.5ft £95  

Balloons A Frame

ballons a frame no slides

This generic party theme is suitable for all ages up to 10years. With a rain / sun shower it is perfect for outdoor hires!

Football A Frame Combi


Along with a roof, our football castle can also accommodate 1 or 2 slides for hours of fun! Suitable for children 10 and under One Slide – – £80 Two Slides – 26.5x15x11.5ft – £95